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December, 22, 2014

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FOREVER NIGHTFALL: PART ONE – Short Story Collection

**part one is available in ebook only.



Barnes&Noble / Nook



The path of false intuition leads an adopted teen girl into a death trap and the horrors that befall on the innocent lure of unconditional love.


Keely Inette Thatcher (alias: K.I.T.) is America’s Most Wanted fugitive. She’s chosen to take one, last score before retiring. But a forgotten tie up on a loose thread of evidence, leads FRN Agent, Reese Walker (Seattle’s iron clad Bounty Hunter) one step behind her; an opportunity to catch a crook and make his fame to claim before the feds do.

These short stories (flash fiction included) and more…from part one of the latest e-book collection, by J.R. Graham.


January 27, 2014

Changes cover - 6x9 Print









CHANGES: A Collection of Prose and Poetry

(Click HERE, for a review of this title by Author; Bee N. Love).


Barnes&Noble / Nook


Amazon Best Seller Rank: Top #40 for Kindle Free >>Literature/Fiction>>Poetry.

October 25, 2013


*This title is not available on Smashwords, or on B&N / Nook edition.



(Barnes&Noble / Paperback)

In the post-modern, automated world of 2025, the unstable nature of a deadly nerve agent is ordered to be destroyed at an Army facility base, but when a routine inspection goes haywire, the Army looks to CBER (Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research) for an explanation.

Dr. Dean Anthony (Dr. Time) is a chemist at CBER and an expert in the field of gene therapy (famous for his remedy for Progeria). He has everything a man could ever want; fame, fortune, a platinum car, and a five-story manor. He desires only one thing: a beautiful woman to share it all with. But most of all, he wants to shed the tragedy of his past; the cold-blooded murder of his parents more than two decades ago, when Anthony and his brother fled from a ruthless cartel in Mexico.

Mitchell Crane is a former security guard at a Hampton’s nightclub. Audrey Chase is Mitchell’s bride-to-be. Only days before his wedding, she vanishes without a single clue. Determined to find her, Mitchell becomes an expert in his own field…Private Investigation.

But when Anthony’s chopper makes an emergency landing in Atlantic City, he finds himself falling into the lost arms of a missing ghost, Audrey Chase. But he’s falling harder than he thought.
Now the cartel is on the loose after cheating a life sentence, and with the aid of the Italian Mafia, they’re hot on the trail of the lost brothers. The chemist finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous equation and he will have to risk everything to solve it.

“Chemical Reactions” is a story of love, evil, courage, desire, and how much we can endure when the past reaches out and grabs a hold of us.










The Eclectic Muse Poetry Journal, Vol.19 X-Mas Ed. 2013

& The Multicultural Books of British Columbia.

(Subscription Only).











Bells Letter’s Poets. (Subscription Only).

Issue No. 142 – Spring 2013, Issue No.143 – Oct. 2013, Issue No.145- Dec. 2014.

Fullosia Press (featured poetry in July 4, 2013 ed, and past issues.)

All Rights Reserved, 2013. J.R. Graham
Copying or redistribution of this work and/or photos, under any circumstance, is strictly prohibited.




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