Humour: Bloomgberg Businessweek Condenses Business Books into Haikus

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What the Marketer Saw


Probably one of the most hilarious things I’ve come across. I read the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek on my iPad last night and discovered the “Etc.” section, where they boil down entire business books into 5,7,5 Haiku form. 

I have been telling a lot of my peers that I have almost stopped reading business books altogether because the gist of the book can be summarized into one sentence. With so many other channels and materials fighting for my time, it’s hard to allocate a few hours to read a book each week anymore. 

I also can’t figure out why people still buy these books if you can learn the most important lesson by either reading the back or reading the inside cover. There are a few gems out of the thousands of business books that get published each year, but I would really suggest shortening the book down to…

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