“Advance of the West”

Sounds good, i usually take forever selecting a title for a book, nearly as long as it takes to write it! lol. Question for you FOTS; or for any other readers reading this; what path should one take in designing their own artwork for their book? or What might the avg. costs be for an illustrator to match your ideas. And would one need copyrights to design their own art reproduction from a picture of another artist? Im having dificulties finding this info…JR

FOTS Fantasy

ADVANCE OF THE WEST. What do you think of the tentative title for Book 1? I have never been closer to choosing something that makes sense and doesn’t sound iffy. I am still open to any suggestions if you think you may have something interesting while reading along.

Just for fun – as these are almost irrelevant at this point in time because they are so far away – here are the other planned titles. These are far more set in stone than the first title. You take them, I will find you! (semi-joking).




#5, F.O.T.S. *I’ll let you know what this stands for, eventually :-)

Lastly, I have noticed there have been some issues with my more recent posts. I am not going to “schedule” posts any more because they either do not show up in…

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4 responses to ““Advance of the West”

  • Codes

    I honestly don’t know. I am still far away from that point, however I am sure you can hire an artist (unsure if the cost is super high or not, but I imagine if you shop around it could be reasonable enough). But I think for myself I would first ask friends who are decent artists if they were interested, still expecting to spend a couple hundred. If you’re capable of editing another’s work to make your own (I don’t have those skills), then yes, you will have to pay them for a copyright or make a legal transaction of some kind. Again I’m not certain on the details, but at the very least they will have to sign and accept your use of their work. That may be your cheapest route as well.

    • jbirds830

      Sounds like were both on the same page, best of luck to the both of us!!

    • jbirds830

      At this point in your novel, how do you intend to go about creating the artwork for your book. I’m unsure of the best route for this process
      Also, are you making and outline as you write or just writing on a whim directing the plot as you write, curious as to people’s approach to their styles thanks JR

      • Codes

        For where I’m at, the artwork is not even close to being a concern for me. I am going to try my best with the traditional publishing process, so if I find a publisher, they take care of all that. If I was self-publishing (I assume you are), I would first ask friends I have who are fairly good artists.
        As for outlines, yes I absolutely use one. I made a detailed outline for the entire book before I even wrote one word. The outline is short summaries for every chapter explaining what will happen.

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