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estimate word count should be around 50,000 words, finished the novel, and currently writing the epilogue, preview available soon!



The dedication of title

My first book and my designated name thereafter will be written as JR Graham to honor the late William Sydney Graham, W.S. Graham, a famous poet from long ago, who used first and middle initials for representation

The cellars

Try working in basements (writing). It brings a different level of creative inspiration !!

Another word count landmark!!

40,000 words, on behalf of chemical reactions.!!

What genre is my novel?

Have you just wrote a book, and have yet to decide what category it shall be designated?
Check out this site for a Q&A quiz.

“So close but so far away”

25,000 words but I’m not counting anymore !! This has become an epic of so many proportions
Stay tuned readers
Never stop writing