Is the amount of words per day the key to success?

i agree totally man…I hope you enjoy reading my preview when you get time, this will be out on Amazon sooner than never. I dont think word count anymore, my book was halfway done when i erased it all and did a complete rewrite, here i am finished, 55,000 wrds later!


I was reading a post about how many words you should write a day; I must say I find myself baffled. Here is the reason, most people who write because they enjoy it, which is a lot, say you should write because you enjoy it. This is the kind of hard hitting researcher that makes me the ‘respected’ blogger I am today. On the other hand other writers say you should always strive for 2000 words a day even if it is hard and you have to force it out.

Well after a little bit of maths for an 80,000 word novel at 2000 words a day that will take 40 days. My usual 50,000, because I like writing shorter novels for people to read without stressing themselves, should only take me 25 days. Let’s just say it takes me a little longer than that. Here is what I don’t…

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