Passionate Desire – SF Futuristic Erotic Romance – Book 2

Chemical reactions – free to borrow amazon prime

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Kuarto is Heather’s twin brother and he’s sharing their intimacy. It interferes with his work but it never happened when he was working before…

Kuarto headed back to the truck. Placing his gear in the bed of his vehicle, he turned and waited for Toki. The way she worked with that girl while he was gone was wonderful. She joined him a few moments later. “Aswee?”

“I know, she wanted a name and that was all I could come with.”

He opened the passenger door for her. “Hope you don’t mind but the next stop is a bit tricky to get to so I’d rather drive.”

“That’s fine.” She climbed into the cab. “Maybe I could drive again later?”

“I should be able to arrange that as long as we can keep to the schedule I have set.” He started it up and headed toward the mountains that loomed ahead…

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