Zombie Beauty Pageant + 3 Days Until NaNoWriMo

Chemical reactions – free to borrow amazon prime

The Plagued

Last night was the Zombie Beauty Pageant put on by my publisher Forbidden Panel. It was a lot of fun, if anyone on here went let me know. Here are some more pictures of the zombies, because I know everybody wants to see those.



Now that I’ve talked about that I can get into why I’ve been too busy to post. It’s been a hell of a week. Pretty much non-stop over the weekend, and it won’t be letting up until Wednesday night. Even now I’m writing this post from my Anatomy class. NaNoWriMo start in 3 days, and. I’m pretty much freaking out. My story is ready, I know the plot, the characters, and the backstory, but what I can’t work around is having very little time to work. Over the next few weeks it’s pretty much test after test, essay after essay, for me. I’m going to…

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