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New sample avail…”Falling Grace.” see samples page…


Print edition paperback of chemical reactions coming soon to amazon!!
List price is subject to change

Discount limited time offer

A limited time offer of ‘Chemical Reactions’ (Amazon) will be posted at 60% off beginning Nov 28th and ending December 5th, 2013. @ only $3.99!!!

(note: download after Nov. 7th for the 3rd edition; being this ed. will provide a more finely polished reading experience.)

The book will also be free to prime members of Amazon to borrow at 1 title per month, providing they have a kindle e-reader!





New exert from short story “Falling Grace” coming soon….

press release for novel 1 at media links

Update on Published Stories

“Chemical Reactions” available now!!! At amazon

The Eclectic Eccentric

Anthologies for a cause

It’s totally awesome to be able to write. And it feels wonderful to have found my passion… and to have found my readers. :) Thank you.

I’ll be appearing in two charity anthologies. Inspirations Picture It & Write Collection by Ermilia (to be published, so watch out for it! ^^) and Off the KUF volume 2: Short Fiction from the Kindle Users Forum (to be published this December 2013)


Off the KUF volume 1 is now live in Amazon I’m proud to say that I have a couple of Friday Fictioneer friends there.

Why grab a copy?

1) Both anthologies are for a great cause. All proceeds from the Picture It & Write Anthology will be donated to The Girl Effect. And all proceeds from Off the KUF Volumes 1, 2, and 3 will be used to ensure the continuing existence of the Kindle User’s…

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On writing

“Chemical Reactions” available now!!! At amazon


“Chemical Reactions” available now!!! At amazon


A story was rejected yesterday. I’ve had three or four rejections in the last few weeks. I haven’t been submitting long, and I know this is par for the course, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

A bunch of my cohort had dinner with the well-known writer who came for the writer’s series of readings. He gave us a lot of advice about starting out and advised that we shouldn’t even worry about submitting right now, that we’re not ready, that we should be first and foremost honing our craft. He even suggested that we take some time after we finish our MFA before we really get serious, to let those lessons settle in and find your center as a writer. I don’t think that advice is for me. And after one semester, there’s a tiny part of me that’s worrying that this MFA isn’t going to teach me…

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When should a young writer write for free?

“Chemical Reactions” available now!!! At amazon


On Sunday, a freelance writer was, presumably, paid for his work; it’s becoming a rare thing. Tim Kreider published an essay in the New York Times dictating that writers ought never write for free. Kreider’s analogies were striking in their oddness. His headline referred to those who write for f…
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When should a young writer write for free?

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9 Ways To (Pretend To) Be A Writer

“Chemical Reactions” available now!!! At amazon

Thought Catalog

1. Wherever you go, carry a black Moleskine around. Don’t have it in your bag though, of course. Carry it at your side with a black pen in the other hand, or, ideally, prominently placed behind your ear.

2. Drop some form of the line, “Yeah, I was thinking of putting something like that in my novel” into casual conversation. Example: Your girlfriend says, “I’ve actually been fighting depression for nearly a decade. I’m so happy I can talk to you about it though.” You: “Yeah, I was thinking of giving one of my character’s in my new novel depression. You can be my consultant. It’s gonna be a great book. Glad to hear about your depression.”

3. Live in Paris, New York or London. San Francisco is an acceptable alternative, but not ideal. People are too happy there.

4. Memorize a sentence from The New Yorker or The Atlantic…

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