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Book Spotlight & Giveaway for Program 13 (The Emile Reed Chronicles #1)

Hope you have a chance to check out ” Chemical Reactions ” won’t want to miss this one !

Sun Mountain Reviews

Program 13 by Nicole Sobon

316 pages

Published August 15th, 2012

Genres: Young Adult, Sci-fi

Two identities. One Body.17-year-old Emile Reed, may have died, but she isn’t dead. Her body now belongs to Program Thirteen, where her every thought, every movement, is controlled. Until Emile begins to find her way back inside of Thirteen’s core, where she manages to fend off Thirteen’s programming to reclaim the life that she lost. But Charles McVeigh, the owner of Vesta Corp, isn’t willing to let Thirteen go. And he will stop at nothing to reclaim control of Thirteen’s programming. Because without her, McVeigh has nothing.

What makes you human?

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New Cover

The paperback version of “chemical reaction” is presently being updated with a new cover design.

Fantasy Reads – King’s Dragon

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM


Autumn has just arrived in my garden but I’m already thinking ahead to the long winter evenings. So this week I’m recommending a big read – `King’s Dragon’ by American author, Kate Elliot. This is Volume One in her `Crown of Stars’ series and it’s available in paperback or on Kindle. `Crown of Stars’ is a story told in seven, yes seven, fat volumes published between 1997 and 2006. I told you this was a big read. I like the American covers for `Crown of Stars’ better than the British ones, but that’s a matter of taste. In either set of covers, I also prefer this Fantasy epic to George R.R. Martin’s gore-spattered `Song of Ice and Fire’.

Elliot’s series is set in an intriguing early medieval world. Its sweeping storylines deal with clashes between races, cultures and religions and with a long foretold catastrophe which threatens to overwhelm whole…

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Romance author Jennifer Faye asks the big question every author struggles with

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

Book review – ‘Redemption Red’ by Delancey Stewart

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

J. S. Collyer Science Fiction Writer

I must confess to not having read a lot of Romance, but I was certainly pleasantly surprised by Redemption Red. The main characters, Tyson and Audrey, are wonderfully human, finding something in each other that they could both use to escape their difficult pasts. You can’t help but root for them, despite the trials and tribulations that fate, and each other, set in their way.

Stewart’s language is simple and vibrant: you can see, hear and, most certainly, taste the surroundings. The details included about wine and wine making had me craving a delicious, full-bodied red. I would recommend getting a bottle in for your evening with this book.

Wine is the blood of this story. Both Tyson and Audrey can be compared to Redemption Road Winery’s signature pinot noir: there are moments when it should be handled with care, it needs attention at the right times but you…

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The Lure of Officer Statham – Flash Fiction

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

Kate's Bookshelf

A bit of flash fiction for you, my lovelies.  You know I love throwing out bits from my characters, as I seem to do it on a more regular basis.  This is about my two main gals, Rena and Mia.

After longingly staring at one of our local police officers who I swear looks like the actor William Levy from the back, and thinking about Mr. Statham, who happens to be a police officer, I came up with this little piece.  Enjoy you all on this lovely October Friday.

Rena stacked her books and grabbed her Americano as Mia held the front door of her store open.

“Think that will last you a couple days?” Mia asked.

“It should.  I will probably have them back to you by the weekend most likely.  Thanks for loaning them to me.  Oh, hello, Rafe,” Rena said with smile at the tall…

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I need a hero. A call for real men

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

Belinda Williams

The alpha male stereotype in romance fiction

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes…or do they?

In romance novels, it seems we’ve become obsessed with the alpha male. Big, strong, powerful, in control, take charge…on the surface these aren’t unattractive qualities, but lately I’ve been wanting something more…

Depth, perhaps?

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’d trade some muscle for a bit of personality. And I’m not referring to the sort of super-sized alpha male personality that seems to have embedded itself in the romance genre: controlling, possessive, sexually overactive (there’s only so many rakes out there that can be reformed). I’m talking about a man with substance. Emotional IQ. Sensitivity. Intelligence.

Oh, wait. That doesn’t sell, does it?

Apparently not. Just take a look at the world of published romance novels. Pictures of hairless, ripped chests (and often it’s just chests, we don’t even need to see their…

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more than you know

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

love, alexandria

so i was busy last night. i went through the files for my book, More Than You Know, to make changes i had been writing down for awhile.

i’ve read every single one of my readers’ reviews and comments and taken everything into consideration. i fixed some things that were confusing {and shook my head at them because, really, they were} and updated my links and about the author.

so to my readers…you will probably receive an update on your kindle’s soon and for new readers, your versions are all up to date! Also…there is a difference in the preview for my second book, Like Crazy, so make sure to check that out.

thanks, lovelies.


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Writing 101: CONFLICT LOCK

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

Writer's Ink

When creating character and story goals and conflict, there are generally two ways to go about it:

Protagonist and Antagonist  wants the same thing (hero/heroine vs villain).

Variation: Protagonists want the same thing (hero vs heroine).

Protagonist and Antagonist want different things, but by one accomplishing his/her goal, the other does not (ie: in direct conflict and at risk).

Variation: Protagonists want different things (hero vs heroine).

Conflict Lock

I wish I could claim this tool, but I’m not that clever. I first heard this from Fiona Lowe, who had been inspired by Jennifer Crusie, and I’ve also seen Bob Mayer explain it, so I will pass this fantastic nugget on to you, and urge you to visit the sites of those authors for more information on the craft of writing. Again, there are so many different ways a writer can reach their goals, I’m merely recommending what…

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Coffee + Cookies = 44 Days of Holiday Cookies Day 16: Foxy Brown Sugar Cardamom Cookies

Chemical reactions is now on paperback – @ Amazon – J.R GRAHAM

Sandra Antonelli

lomoYesterday, The Shallow Reader (Vassiliki) had a post on the lack of heroes with moustaches in modern romance fiction. She and I are in favour of the mo’ on men, but if you look at the covers of romance novels you sort of have to go back to the 70s and early 80s to find men with mos. And you know those 70s ‘staches are heavy and pretty, well, droopy or pointed south. Kind of like that one you see over there on the left. The 70s man moustache was something like the 70’s shag hairstyle for women. Men’s mos thinned out in the 80s, while women’s hair got bigger–or asymmetrical and spiky.

Author Elizabeth Lowell, in my opinion, always did the Mo’ed Romance hero so well. She did heroes with beards too. Try as I might, I failed to find a hero with a beard on the cover of a…

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