I need a hero. A call for real men

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Belinda Williams

The alpha male stereotype in romance fiction

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes…or do they?

In romance novels, it seems we’ve become obsessed with the alpha male. Big, strong, powerful, in control, take charge…on the surface these aren’t unattractive qualities, but lately I’ve been wanting something more…

Depth, perhaps?

Maybe I’m in the minority, but I’d trade some muscle for a bit of personality. And I’m not referring to the sort of super-sized alpha male personality that seems to have embedded itself in the romance genre: controlling, possessive, sexually overactive (there’s only so many rakes out there that can be reformed). I’m talking about a man with substance. Emotional IQ. Sensitivity. Intelligence.

Oh, wait. That doesn’t sell, does it?

Apparently not. Just take a look at the world of published romance novels. Pictures of hairless, ripped chests (and often it’s just chests, we don’t even need to see their…

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