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Changes: new ebook available now!!

for just 2.99, reserve your copy today on Amazon! Hope you all enjoy this collection of over 20 poems, spanning 2 decades of both new and revised work. JR.


Changes cover - 6x9 Print



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This post is in memory of Paul Walker, 1973-2013.

May we all live fast and furious….forever!

New E-book Available NOW!!

The completed edition of “Changes,” A poetry collection, will be available for purchase Thursday, Jan. 9th 2014. It will be available on Amazon (e-book only) for $2.99, and regulatory discounted via promotional sales!!






A complete poetry collection will be published as an e-book on This work is in progress and is to be announced; any poetry that was posted on my blog is only representative of part of this collection, and may be different from the upcoming published e-book edition.