Poem: “Vday is everyday for her”

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From my chapbook LOVE & SEX, hope you enjoy!

Vday is everyday for her

She from a state I love
And I love how she rep that silver state
she just a drive away,
A long drive
But a worthy drive
Making our facetime sessions the longest
But the best
cause as she gives me her face,
I give her my time
Now thats what we call facetime
And we be at it every day
From sun up til sun down
She make me want to settle down
Just forget these other chicks
Cause she my best friend and Wonder Woman
And she be doing wonders in between them sheets
Got me wanting to wife her
Make her mine forever
But there’s more to her than just great sex
Her mind keeps me attentive
Attentive to her needs and wants
As her body speaks a language I understand
So I…

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