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Great News!! My smashwords page has been updated for inclusive entry into the prem. catalog. And soon, all future works will be shipped to apple (ibooks) and Barnes & Noble. Get “Changes” right now, right here: Smashwords Author Page, for 2.99, or free 20% sample. See Facebook for pending changes on links. Read on!   


My smashwords page will be postponed / cancelled. Information on my books will now be hosted by previous mediums already mentioned. I do hope to correct the problem once I gain more insight into ebook translation process, for acceptance into the premium catalogue. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to format their ebook for smashwords, please forward your thoughts and insight. Thanks.

Interview Q/A with JR coming soon…

Im in the progressing stages of making a Smashwords page; soon, my books will be available on ibooks and B&N (once formatting is complete). In addition, I am also creating an ‘Interview with the Author’ segment. (Links for these will be mentioned, once posted). Write on!!

My custom order T shirts would say… “SURVIVAL IS OVERRATED!”
What would yours be?


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Erie county library, is ordering “Chemical Reactions.”

If you live in Erie County / City: Buffalo, and have access to the BECPL catalog, you can now borrow this title. There are currently two copies available, but if you’re also a patron, you can personally request your copy, by calling your local library. (only patrons of Erie co. apply) Go here: