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Seahawks Number 1.NFC Go Hawks!

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Reader/Fans Update!!

“Forever Nightfall,” has been uploaded to B&N, for nook readers!! Go here:


Seahawks Number 1.NFC Go Hawks!

great article…im convinced…

Kindle format available now!!

Amazon/Kindle format is now avail. for “Forever Nightfall.” See blog, or go directly here:

“Forever Nightfall” hot off the press, just published!!

Enter the code Qk23G right here: Smashwords, and get 2.00 dollars off (28%) “Forever Nightfall” now through Dec. 25th. It will make the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays! Oh, I forgot…a stocking cant be stuffed with’s an ebook!

Updates to coming soon page; back cover summary

Back cover summary / preview / brief spoiler: “Forever Nightfall.” See “coming soon’ header for details!

In case you missed it…

“Changes” the poetry collection, is now available on overdrive media, (and overdrive media apps for smartphones). Get it right here:


updates to “coming soon” blog on wordpress.