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Changes: A Collection of Prose and Poetry

Review on “Changes: The prose and poetry collection.”

May 19, 2014 –

4/5 Stars Review (Amazon):

Reviewed and Interviewed by Elizabeth N. Love. Author of “Pouring the Cup,” and “Through a Window.”

“WELL-CRAFTED POETRY–Changes: A Collection of Prose and Poetry is a brief concentration of wordsmithing that is aptly titled. Each short piece focuses upon an aspect of change, whether internal or external to the author and, through well-scripted thoughts, the reader. The topics vary, covering several aspects of the ever-turning voyage we call life. In several places, Graham uses musical imagery, such as “you reflect on wasting your inner drums, and fathom playing your tune elsewhere.” This adds an additional use of sense to the works, as you imagine the sounds that accompany the author’s creativity. I particularly like the poem “Channel Distortion,” which represents, for me, a common sense of frustration we have developed in this fast-paced world that is constantly battling for attention and, in essence, depleting our attention spans.Graham uses a variety of poetic forms, which are conveniently notated parenthetically after the title of the poem. This variety showcases his use of carefully crafted words and expressions to convey common emotional states, as well of his flexibility with style and length. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. These are poems I will keep nearby to read again and contemplate. There were a few that I am still attempting to grasp completely, but at another point in time, clarity may appear. Any work that draws you back for further study is a valuable work.”

“Elizabeth N. Love is a graduate of the University of Kansas, where she majored in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. While at the university, she participated in a wide variety of instrumental ensembles, including symphonic band, marching band, and basketball band… She lives and works in Kansas.” – Elizabeth Love.

For the complete interview, on the book “Changes” visit the Author’s Smashwords page: Interview with Author, Elizabeth Love.

Are you a member of Goodreads? You can also purchase the book here: CHANGES.

“Sigmund Freud would have given anything if poets in his era had clarified the nature of man through poetry. But he couldn’t, so it was left to Justin to take psychoanalysis to the next level.”

“Justin’s deep probe of the bird world leaves me agog; such beautiful logic, and here all my life, I’ve been dreaming I had wings.”

– Jim Bell, Editor; Bells Letters Poets, 2013-14 (Issue 142, 144).


“I would answer NO! We have had plenty of chances to avoid Armageddon, Hades, and the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. Yet they still threaten us.”

– Jim Bell, Editor; Bells Letters Poets, 2013 (Issue 143)


NOTE: Readers may discover the Author’s Q/A sessions here: Smashwords Interview Page. Updates to smashwords will become available when additional inquiries present themselves.


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