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Erie county library, is ordering “Chemical Reactions.”

If you live in Erie County / City: Buffalo, and have access to the BECPL catalog, you can now borrow this title. There are currently two copies available, but if you’re also a patron, you can personally request your copy, by calling your local library. (only patrons of Erie co. apply) Go here: http://elibrary.buffalolib.org/uhtbin/cgisirsi.exe/?ps=mNnkMyXg0M/CENTRAL/212640241/9


Novel promo update

As part of the kindle countdown deal, “Chemical Reactions” will raise its price to 2.99 beginning Mar. 24th, and at the 27th return to the list price of 4.99. This means you have 3 more days to grab this title at 99cents! That’s right…only 99c…3 days only!!

Sale / Promotion begins Friday Mar. 21st

Feeling down because your March Madness picks didn’t turn out the way you expected? For every fan of fiction, I could not think of a better way to redeem yourself than this pick…The choice of your next novel!

A special, final promo of “Chemical Reactions,” will begin tomorrow!! Mar. 21 through Mar. 27 at a specially marked/discounted price of only 99c (via kindle / e-book format. The print price will remain at 4.99, which is also the lowest offering price).

Think of this as your last chance to dance!!



A quick study for new writers (as seen on facebook)


I would recommend getting a copy of the “writer’s market, or poet’s market” ( for your interests) Both these titles have a legitimate source listing of both publishers and Lit agents; its a must have for the shelf of any writer. Sources through the internet, can be misleading and lack information, such as royalties, and so forth. If i chose to live and die by the proverbial sword, this reference would be my ultimate weapon.

I am an Indie Author myself, with the exception of the Journals i work for and a few poems. If one chooses a path through the market, most author’s suffer the fate of rejection, and I’ve seen many author’s first hand get denied for over 20 yrs; that being said, I chose the route of ind. marketing, for my own novels, because they were my first works, and I just wanted my proverbial ship to cast off, and see where the current dragged it. You can use pub/ such as create space (print ed via Amazon), Smashwords, or even try book hub (a la carte publisher, who will exp your dist further, for limited packaging fees). Costs will be limited to your book cover design (I use shutterstock, dreamstime, istock, and adobe for design) and the cost of editing, which can fill the majority of your expenses. If you already possess the skills of an editor, or know someone who is an editor, consider yourself the luckiest leprechaun this side of the rainbow. But keep in mind, the small and mischievous sprite that saves the color green, must not overlook the fact that a writer can never edit his own work…Four eyes are better than two; tri-focals are better than bi-focals…well…you get the idea.

The market is the better path to success vs Indie, i believe, because they cover your expenses, and provide a better platform for expanded distribution. Keep in mind, through the Indie route, you will have to quarterback your own marketing strategy for getting your work through the masses and into the spotlight. And at times, this can seem like sipping tree bark sap through a wooden straw, or as much work as writing the novel.

~best of luck, dear writers and word wizard-cave dwellers…
Keep your pen on the pad,
Your flint on the flint stone!

Make Chemical Reactions: By JR Graham, your next read; Now selling at the lowest offering price!!

2 drug lords, 1 missing bride, 1 chemist, one Private I, and a whole lot of Mafia…What do you think happens?

see Amazon.com: Chemical Reactions eBook: J.R. Graham: Kindle Store, and order today for ONE LOW PRICE! and find out the answer to this thrilling equation!!

New Price Drop!!

Price for print ed. of “Chemical Reactions,” will be $11.73. This price change will occur in the next few weeks, on Amazon, but this list price is avail right now at: https://www.createspace.com/4500104

New Excerpts Availale NOW by Author, JR Graham

Short story prelude to the Novel: I, K.I.T. (Singled Out). Click here: http://wp.me/P3vi2N-2t to read more. Please comment; I would love to hear your thoughts, readers.

Spring Cleaning Sale – Amazon & the 100 and 1 giveaway

JR’s novels will be specially marked down for 7 days beginning, March 21. Mark your calendars, don’t miss it.


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Hello readers; “Chemical Reactions” is promoted with kindle matchbook. If you purchase/d the Print ed. 4.99, get the ebook version for FREE; starting in (approx) the next 24hrs. See  Amazon – Author page Image

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