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Novel promo update

As part of the kindle countdown deal, “Chemical Reactions” will raise its price to 2.99 beginning Mar. 24th, and at the 27th return to the list price of 4.99. This means you have 3 more days to grab this title at 99cents! That’s right…only 99c…3 days only!!


Sale / Promotion begins Friday Mar. 21st

Feeling down because your March Madness picks didn’t turn out the way you expected? For every fan of fiction, I could not think of a better way to redeem yourself than this pick…The choice of your next novel!

A special, final promo of “Chemical Reactions,” will begin tomorrow!! Mar. 21 through Mar. 27 at a specially marked/discounted price of only 99c (via kindle / e-book format. The print price will remain at 4.99, which is also the lowest offering price).

Think of this as your last chance to dance!!



Amazon paperback and e-book versions of ‘chemical reactions’ are now linked as one page for easy ordering. See home page for details!

Discount limited time offer

A limited time offer of ‘Chemical Reactions’ (Amazon) will be posted at 60% off beginning Nov 28th and ending December 5th, 2013. @ only $3.99!!!

(note: download after Nov. 7th for the 3rd edition; being this ed. will provide a more finely polished reading experience.)

The book will also be free to prime members of Amazon to borrow at 1 title per month, providing they have a kindle e-reader!





new short story exerts are available now

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